Ressu Clubs seeks to coordinate and arrange high quality and fun after school club activities for Ressu students. All the club activities will take place before 5 PM on school days.

Clubs are organized either in cooperation with our cooperating partners or by club association. The clubs organized by club association are strictly non-profit and all charges will be used to cover the costs of the club activities (tuition and materials).

We can only accept sign-ups directly from the child’s parent, since there’s a fee to most of clubs. The parent will pay the club material/tuition fee when signing the child up to a club.

Please, make sure that your child has private insurance as the school’s insurance does not cover club activities. Ressu Clubs does not have accident insurance nor indemnity insurance for club activities.

The sign up for clubs is either through our Web Shop, an appropriate web link or through our cooperating partner own system. Club places are allocated based on the order of sign-up, so please be ready!